The Rebirth Bug

May 12, 2015

Dearest listener,

I feel excited, scared, blessed, privileged, and vulnerable to share with you what is “the rebirth bug.” It’s an album that is made up of memories from a combined millennium, was written in two years, was recorded in two weeks, and will you take you one hour to listen to.

In the spirit of ending and starting cycles, and not dwelling on each moment where my voice doesn’t hit a note perfectly, where the guitar buzzes, or where a word strays form a well thought out lyric, what you will hear here is not perfect. It is however a true record; a record of hundreds of conversations, a record of thousands of miles of birth canal, a record of the living, a record of the dead. And finally what you will hear is a record of a musical midwife gracefully helping me give light to a baby that was incubating in my entire body for some time. push… breath…

I hope this sound offers inspiration to imagine what kind of record you are birthing into the constellation like web of humanity, you star, you.



Credits: guitar, vocals, lyrics: Olivia Blumenthal, lyrics for Loose Womyn: Karla Sanchez, Olivia Blumenthal, & poem by Sandra Cisneros “Loose Woman,” musical midwife: Ethan Stark, charango: Mer(Maid) Al’Dao from The Republic of Light, interview with: Diana Pastor (Gata), recorded, mixed, and mastered at Stark Studio in Berkeley, California