Notes from: “Local food, farms, and home vegetable gardens: How to buy & sell local bounty,” at Bioneers in Boulder, Colorado – February 3, 2017

“Local food should not be [a fad] for the well to do, it is really a matter of preventing future local famine.” – Micheal Brownlee

 Climate scientist David Battisti estimates that by 2100 food crop yields will be down by 40% based on conservative IPCC predictions for temperature increase. For every rise in temperature by 1 degree celsius, crop yield lowers 10% (not to mention soil erosion and quality, agricultural pests, and water…). Of all agricultural products grown within Colorado only 1-2% are consumed within Colorado, which is somewhat typical of most states. Denver made the goal at one point of having 20% local food by 2020, but that is off the table now because the politicians felt it was a bit lofty. Did you know about the cottage food act? I didn’t. How does/ can this type of local food production affect the global food system?

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