Time as Lover

Time as Lover is the understanding that one of the tools for upholding the current state of violence against humans and ecosystems, is a timekeeping system that acts as a micromanaging master keeping track of quarterly profits and hourly wages.

Time as Lover is remembering that although hegemonic paradigms have estranged us from cosmic and terrestrial cycles, time continues to hold the ebb and flow of tides, the stewardship of seeds, the transits of planets and stars, and the births and deaths of loved ones. 

Time as Lover is the knowing that we have the ability to return to a much more relevant, sensual and emancipatory relationship with time. 

Time as Lover is a bridge into the past and future in search of timekeeping systems that remind us that seeds are mirrors into micro and macro cosmic cycles and that we are celestial bodies. If you believe in the possibility of experiencing timekeeping as a praxis of communion with life, consider yourself a collaborator.

Olivia 2020